About Us

Using our own proprietary platforms and artificial intelligence, we connect advertisers, agencies and digital media companies, with the most relevant target audiences. 

We’ve developed solutions for programmatic video media on OTT, display and mobile apps. Our impact is measurable engagement and growth.  Our passions are technology, marketing and design. 

Monetizing Each Opportunity

Connecting you with the most relevant brands and advertisers using SmartRail. Our light-speed   targeting platform with automated decision making that helps cut out wasted opportunities so that you can maximize your content's yield. 

Exclusivity & Uniqueness

It’s easier to monetize your channel or content with access to unique brands and advertisers. Gain access to a bank of exclusive ad campaigns, selectively chosen from around the globe. Campaigns shouldn’t just fit, they should fit perfectly.

Publisher Monetization


Audience Builder For Advertisers

Channel Growth

Manage budget distribution across various channels including, Mobile, Desktop, OTT, SmartTV, and Game Consoles, in order to maximize your monthly yield.

Focused Targeting

Access perfect audience segments, using tools that help filter by content type, vertical, platform, country, OS, browser and version.

Smart Matching

SmartRail - uses automated optimization heuristics, making real-time decisions on how to connect each ad unit with the right audience. Simultaneously, our Partner Success Managers manually tweaks and fine tunes campaign performance. 

Essential Value Adds

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

We’re a group of tech enthusiasts with a passion for numbers. Always testing and challenging the status quo. Driven by curiosity. We just happened to be good at what we do. 


We get our kicks from seeing businesses grow using team and technology as the levers.  Our products help boost the capabilities of programmatic video monetization way beyond the average. We think there’s nothing wrong with having a few super powers in your arsenal.  Our USP is building and using these tools. 


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